Machine Readable Files

In accordance with the federal Transparency in Coverage rule, our machine-readable files (MRFs)* have been posted for public accessibility. These files conform to a data format required by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). They contain data related to contract details for providers and facilities in an “In-Network MRF” to provide transparency on the potential cost for covered services, as well as historical costs for services not otherwise covered by a contract in an “Allowed Amounts MRF.”

To access your health plan’s files, type in the name of your employer or the first 3-4 digits of the Identification Number on the front of your member ID card in the search bar below.

Please note that some employers may have multiple health plans with different files.
To find your plan, look at your member ID card – the first 5 digits of the Identification Number on the front represents your group plan number. To make sure you are looking at the right plan file, check to see whether your ID number fits within the range of numbers next to the group plan name.  For example, if you work for XYZCompany and your member ID number starts with 83091, look for the group plan named XYZCompany-83090-83099.

If you have any issues, please call the Member Services phone number on your ID card.

*Please note: these files are in a fixed format established by the federal government to gather data for planned consumer-focused tools. These files are not considered user friendly, but will be eventually used as part of online “shopping” tools.


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